Why should I consider using Facebook ads?

Great question. In a nutshell… because your customers are on the platforms. There are 1.82 billion daily active users on Facebook alone and around 1.074 billion active monthly users on Instagram. That is a lot of people!

Why do I need a social media ads specialist?

Social media ads are complex and time-consuming. Placing your ads strategy in the hands of an experienced specialist frees you up to focus on other aspects of your business.

A good ads specialist will work with you to develop a robust ads strategy and strong creatives that align with your wider business goals.

Do you provide the content?

Yes, I can source and create images and copy for you.

However, the more we can work together, the better we can serve your followers. Why not book a call and we can get started?

How do you communicate with clients?

I use a project management tool called Trello which enables us to collaborate on content. 

I will communicate with my clients via regular Zoom meeting.

is there a minimum contract period?

Social media is a long term strategy and results are raily immediate. I ask clients to commit to a minimum of 3 months to enable me to test and develop a robust strategy.

Do you specialise in any particular platform(s)?

I work with my clients on their entire paid social media strategy, which can involve Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin.

What does a paid social media strategist do?

A paid social media strategist will develop an ad strategy for your business and continually optimise your campaign(s). They will typically develop ad creatives and copy for the ads and finally report back bi-weekly or monthly.

How will I know if my ads are working?

At the start, we will discuss the objectives of your campaign and the journey your clients have to go on to become a customer. We will track our success based on these initial objectives.

It takes time, testing and effort to optimise a campaign and that’s where I can help. Book a call to find out more.

Will this work for my business?

The key to success is understanding your client journey and the stages they go through before they buy from you. 

Facebook ads take time and testing to optimise and that is what I can help you with.

How much does it cost?

I provide a range of packages to cater for all budgets and needs.

For more information, take a look at the Services page. If you can’t see exactly what you’re looking for please contact me and I’ll be happy to chat about how I can help.

How many of you are there in your team?

At the moment is it just me! However, I am in a large network of other freelancers working in the digital space. They are on hand to add any additional support required and I can draw on their expertise if required.

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