5 Strategies to help you to get better results from Facebook advertising.
Here are 5 tips and strategies to consider:

1. Target your Facebook ads to people who already know your brand

The warmer your audience is the more likely they will buy from you. It can take people considerable time to trust your business enough to part with their hard-earned cash. The length of time this takes often depends on the price and complexity of what you are selling. I would always create the following warm audiences in Facebook Business Manager:

  • Instagram engagers
  • Facebook engagers
  • Web traffic (either all or specific pages depending on the size of your business)
  • Your email list
  • Your customer list

Depending on the size of these audiences you can either run them as individual ad sets or stack them together for one big warm audience.

2. Make sure you have a scroll stopping ad creative

Remember, when you run ads you are disrupting someone’s social scroll. When people see an ad they generally look at the following elements in this order:

  • The actual visual ad creative
  • The headline under the ad
  • The copy above the ad

Some tips to make your ad stand out. You can do all of this in Canva:

  • Use disruptive patterns
  • Use bright colours
  • Make it look native to the feed – not too overproduced
  • Consider testing video
  • Include some animation in your images

3. Create an offer or limited-time deal to include in your Facebook ads

In order to hook people in with a killer headline can you offer them something?

It could be free postage, a free consultation, a free irresistible download. Or, it could be a limited offer running for one month only. Fear of missing out is real and your ads can tap into this key human trait.

4. Make sure that when they do buy or engage with you that their customer experience is brilliant

Back to the customer journey. I can not tell you enough times how important this is. Before you start to run ads have a think about you can improve each touchpoint a customer has with you or your business. Once they become a customer they are more likely to buy from you again (increasing their customer lifetime value) and also tell all of their friends and family about you (customer advocacy)!

5. Have a look at what others in your line of business do with Facebook ads

Did you know that you can see what ads other businesses are running? Head to the Facebook ads library and search under the sector you are in or search for a company name. If they are running ads they will appear there. Their most recent ads will appear at the top and oldest ads at the end. Make a note of what you like about the ads and do your research. Remember if an ad has been running a while it is very likely that it is working for them.

I offer Facebook ad nurture packages and Power Hours to help you to get on track with running your own ads. Or, I can take control and run them for you. Get in touch to find out more.

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