3 reasons I am frustrated with the Facebook ads industry…
I have broken down 3 of the biggest frustrations I see in our industry and what I do to tackle them.

I’m lucky to know a lot of excellent Facebook advertising marketing pros.

The kind of companies who deliver excellent customer service and genuinely do care about their customers. 

However, there are some in my industry who are not so genuine. 

Unfortunately, I have heard a few horror stories about other companies and agencies in our industry and it really does anger me.

So I’ve decided to write about it here.

These cowboy Facebook ads agencies can tarnish the industry’s reputation, and it needs to stop. And I don’t want you caught out by these companies. 

Below I have broken down 3 of the biggest frustrations I see in our industry and what I do to tackle them.

My goal is to help more people become educated before they start spending money running Facebook ads so they don’t get burned.

It is important that you have a broad understanding of how Facebook Business Manager works

It is a very grey area of Facebook for sure and can seem like an overwhelming space to get your head around. However, I really do think it is important for any business owner to have a broad understanding of where to find data and see what ads are running. When working with freelancers and agencies you are putting your hard-earned money into their hands so that they can meet your business objectives. You need to be able to trust that they are doing the best job for you, but also it is very useful to understand what to look out for yourself. It is also important that the setup is done in the right way to ensure you own all of your Facebook assets.

What I do

In the initial strategy phase, I like to work through Facebook Business Manager with my clients to ensure that everything is set up properly. I also ensure that they fully understand the approach we are going to take in the strategy development.

Not enough time is spent reflecting on your customer’s journey

Before we turn on the Facebook ad taps it is important that the onward journey of your customer is as optimised as possible. Not all agencies and ads experts take the time to do this. You need to make sure it is easy for people to do business with you. Work out the purchasing consideration journey of a client and ensure that you support them on that journey to becoming a customer of yours. 

  • Does your website load quickly?
  • Is there social proof (testimonials) on your website to reflect your excellent product or service? 
  • Can people navigate through your website easily and take the required action? 
  • Once they have taken the next step in their journey how do you follow up with them? 
  • Finally, once they are a customer how can you improve your customer service to ensure they tell as many people about you?

What I do

When I start work with a new client I ask them to reflect on the journey someone takes from seeing an ad to going on to purchase or taking the desired action. It is also useful to have conversations with current customers to offer further insight. Once we have optimised the journey as best as possible then we turn on the ads taps to ensure the best return of ad spend as possible.

How do you work out what creatives and copy to use?

Where do you start with the ad creative and copy? A lot of research should go into this phase and there are ways you can see what ads others in your industry are using and testing. Sometimes this doesn’t happen. Facebook has an ads library for research. It is great to see what some of the larger brands in your industry are running as they will have tested a variety of creatives, if one of their ads has been running for a while it is safe to say it is doing its job for them. Some larger agencies will ask you to provide the creatives in advance for them to use.

What I do

I work with a lot of small businesses that don’t have the internal resources to develop the creatives for ads. Often I create the creatives for my clients and research what is working with other businesses and brands to ensure we are testing new ideas and approaches on an ongoing basis. I will be in your account every day to check on how the campaign is going and to optimise the ads to get the best results possible for you.

Where do you go from here?

I hope after reading this article, you aren’t too put off from outsourcing your Facebook ads.

As I said before, there are lots of brilliant companies in my industry who really do deliver excellent customer service. However, there are a few bad apples, but hopefully, this article has taught you how to steer clear of them! 

And if you are still looking for help with your ads, get in touch and I’ll be able to help.

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