Why you’re not getting anywhere with Facebook advertising and what you can do about it
There are a few common reasons most businesses don’t succeed with their paid social campaigns.

I help business owners and charities to get a better return for their ad spend and I’ve seen some amazing success to date. Although every business or charity is unique, I’ve noticed that there are a few common reasons some businesses don’t succeed with their paid social campaigns.

In this article, I’ve broken down some of the reasons you aren’t getting the best results from Facebook advertising and also, what you can do.

1. When people click on your ad and land on your website they can get confused

When it comes to your website you need to create a slick customer journey. you don’t know what your site loading speed is, how people navigate your site or what content they want to see then you need to take a step back and review each of these elements before you start to pay to drive traffic there.

What you can do to fix this?

Spend some time creating an action plan for reviewing your site. Start by seeing how quickly your site loads by using a website such as GT Metrix. Then ask your customers to review your site and give their feedback on how they found the navigation and content. Each small improvement to your site will make a big difference to your return on ad spend.

2. You’re expecting too much from your Facebook advertising

Facebook ad campaigns have different objectives. Facebook will go out and find people to take the action you require, but they need to have the budget to do so. You can not realistically expect to achieve high sales and conversions by spending £1 / day. It is not advisable to advertise to multiple audiences in one campaign if you don’t have the budget to do so. 

What you can do to fix this?

Be realistic about what the objective of the campaign is, ie what you are asking Facebook to do for you. Consider the price of the item or service you are looking to sell or get leads for. If it is a £3000 service then you need to spend more to acquire that client vs a £50 product. Think of ways to make the customer experience with you amazing, so once you do acquire them they will tell all of their friends about you.

3. You’re following the wrong advice 

When it comes to Facebook advertising there’s a lot of bad advice out there. Things like ad hacks or how to make money quickly. I don’t blame you if you’re following this advice as it can be peddled by ‘experts’ or ‘gurus.’ But if you do follow it, you will struggle to see results. 

What you can do to fix this?

These are some websites that offer lots of tips and guidance that will help you like Social Media Examiner or Facebook’s own ads blueprint course.

Or you could find the right Facebook ads specialist who will give you the right advice (even if it’s not always something you want to hear!).

I can certainly help with this, just visit my contact page to get in touch.

What now?

I’m sure after reading this article you can see why you may not be getting the results you want. Hopefully, now you have some guidance on what you can do to fix this.

If you need some more tailored advice on how to either get started with Facebook ads or improve your current strategy then book a Facebook ads nurture package with me and let’s spend some time looking at your strategy and working out an action plan for you. Get in touch to chat further.

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